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Future proof your deployment with a 4G LTE Cat 1 M2M Cellular Gateway.

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Connectivity Specialists

USR specializes in connectivity hardware for applications including POS (Point of Sale), remote management/monitoring, out-of-band backup connections, and now the exclusive drop-in cellular replacement for legacy dial-up remote monitoring and IoT application hardware looking to go wireless.

Our current product lines include: M2M Cellular Modems and Gateways , Desktop Console Server Power Hybrid , Network Taps,

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M2M Cellular Modems and Gateways

Cellular 3G gateways and modems with serial and ethernet ports, designed for easy implementation. Exclusive ‘Modemulator’ expansion card for simple analog to cellular transitions.

  • Data Capture, Point of Sale (POS), Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • 2G to 3G
  • Drop-in Dial-up Replacement
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Network Taps

A line of test and monitoring access products designed to increase network visibility and maximize existing network tools such as analyzers, probes, and intrusion detection devices.

  • Capture and Analyze All Data
  • Send Aggregated Data to Two Single Interface Cards
  • Monitor Heavy Network Traffic
Feature - USR4204 Console Server Hybrid

Desktop Console Server Power Hybrid

Manage network devices and power cycle easily from any location

  • Remote access for up to 4 console ports and control of up to 2 power ports over a single modem connection.
  • Serial Console Management
  • Power Management
  • Out of Band Management

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