What kind of network is right for me?

You should consider a conventional (wired) network if you:

  • Have several computers in one area, and it won't be a problem to run some Category 5 cable between them.
  • Want to have an inexpensive, standardized, and flexible network that will allow you to easily expand in the future.
  • Occasionally want to use a different computer (for instance a laptop from the office) and want to be able to use it on your network without much trouble.

You should consider wireless networking if you

  • Don't want to drill holes or worry about tripping over wires.
  • Have computers that are physically far away from one another (on different floors or rooms in your house, for example).
  • Have one or more laptops, and you would like the freedom to use your computer in different area of the house or move them in the future.
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