Why do I need a Network

Share your...

  • Broadband connection -- If you have more than one computer and you want them all to share your high-speed internet connection.
  • Files -- No more transferring files around the house on floppy disks; you can even share your large music files so they don't take up space on multiple computers. You can also play head-to-head games across the network at blazing speeds.
  • Printer and other peripherals -- All of your computers can share CD burners or other peripherals - saving you money! The built-in print server on our Broadband Router lets you print from any computer on the network.

    Secure your computers

    Secure your home network, so intruders can't access your private files. From simple filtering to real-time traffic analysis, learn how to protect your computers from all kinds of attacks. You can use USRobotics products to set up just the security level you need.

    Expand your Network

    Using standard technologies, it will be easy to add new computers and devices to your network.

    So get started and find out how easy it is:

    How do computers talk to each other?