Why do I need VoIP?

Talk for cheap, and in some cases free!

VoIP, or Voice over Internet, can get you talking to anyone around the world for much less than your typical phone line. Netphones are usually free, while SIP-based VoIP requires monthly subscription fees which are still less than the traditional telephone companies. VoIP offers additional services such as voice mail retrieval from the Internet that traditional telephone services normally do not provide for free.

Replace your old phone line

No need to worry about how much your phone bill is going to be! Skype to Skype calls are free, also call standard landlines and mobile telephones for less with SkypeOut!

  • A ten minute call to Germany only 15p!
  • A ten minute call to USA only 15p!
  • A ten minute call to Australia only 15p!

Find out more, and see which kind of Voice is right for you:

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