Support 101 - Where do I begin?

Finding support for your product can seem daunting. However, we've simplified this process by putting together a list of first steps to get you on your way.

We'll walk you through each step:

  1. Determine what product you have by finding your product code.
  2. Find your product code on the support main menu page, then go to your product's support page.
  3. View or download files. Look at our example Support page, it points out locations on the page for files and offers quick explanations for file types available.
Let's get started!

1. Find your product code. To make things easier choose your type of product: internal (PCI, ISA, PCMCIA, PC Card) or external from the categories below.
analog networking
External Modems/ISDN
Internal Modems/ISDN
External Broadband/Networking
Internal Networking

Note: product codes, product IDs, and model numbers are all very similar. Product codes typically include "USR", 2 number country code, 4 number model number, and 1 letter revision version. Product IDs include 2 number country code, 4 number model number, and 2 number revision version. Model numbers are 4 numbers and do not include version.

2. On the main support page find your product category, then click on the link for your product by finding your product code or by looking for the model number and correct version:

Note: If you found your Product Code/Number and do not see your product in the lists it is either no longer supported or it is manufactured for distribution in another region.

Not able to determine your product code: Contact us by phone or E-mail a technician.

3. After you have found your product's support page, you will have a variety of different files available. Here is a quick description of what may be available. The image on the right shows where they are located on the support page.

Product Support Page Example

  • Documents - User Guides (Manuals), Installation Guides, Reference Guides
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions including topics and issues related to the product; i.e., troubleshooting, wireless performance range, product support announcements, V.92 information, etc.

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Not able to determine your product code? Contact us by E-mail a technician.