USR® Courier® Console Server & Remote Power Switch Hybrid

with 4 Console ports and 2 AC PDU ports

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Console Server Hybrid in a rackmount
Mission Critical Out of Band Solution
Console Server Hybrid diagram
Remotely Manage Network Devices
Console Server Hybrid
Power Cycle Devices Remotely
Console Server Hybrid Front
Small hybrid great for compact locations
Console Server Hybrid Back
2 Power Ports and 4 Console Ports
Console Server Hybrid Front
Desktop Console Server Power Hybrid
Console Server Hybrid Carton Contents
Rack mountable - single unit hybrid
Console Server Hybrid CLI
Simple, easy to use Command Line Interface

Manage network devices and power cycle easily from any location

The USRobotics Courier Console Server & Power Switch provides remote access for up to 4 console ports and control of up to 2 power ports over a single modem connection. Quickly reboot or configure routers, servers, and firewalls from remote locations when the network goes down or Out-of-Band is the only option available. Keep costs to a minimum and reduce rack space and maintenance by consolidating to a single console server power hybrid and just one modem, but retain the same amount of control. Know the connection and data are secure when used with our worldwide approved Courier Business Modems and have peace of mind with built-in security notifications. Designed specifically for easy use with Cisco routers, no special cables are needed and optional linefeed pacing† automatically prevents missed CLI commands when using a batch file to configure the router. This hybrid is ideal for IT managers responsible for maintenance and management of remote locations near or far.

Serial Console Management

  • Switch between 4 serial devices remotely with a modem or locally with a connected terminal
  • Serial Ports have 2 LEDs that indicate select, transmit, and receive
  • RS232 Async, full duplex operation
  • Supports software flow control in each direction
  • 256 byte buffer, 2.5 kb when used with a Courier Business Modem
  • Uses standard Ethernet cables to connect the console server to network appliances

Power Management

  • Two C13 power outlets
  • Remotely power cycle servers, routers or other appliances quickly and efficiently
  • Power status (on/off)
  • Power meter provides true RMS current measurement of each outlet
  • High load rating supports high power rated appliances
  • Power state memory - after power failure, the unit returns to previous state

Simple User Interfaces

  • Simple Menu-Driven, key port operations accessible from the Main Menu
  • Command-Line Interface
  • Customizable port names for easy selection of serial and power ports


  • Username/password login security with an almost unlimited number of password combinations
  • Tighter security with optional strong password constraint
  • 1 Administrator & 15 user accounts with permission-based port access and optional administrator privileges
  • Configurable Security Banner at login
  • Configurable Login Banner
  • Unauthorized access notifications and user lockout
  • Inactivity time out
  • Two factor security when used with a Courier Business Modem's additional security login
  • Additional Dialback security with a Courier Business Modem - checks calls for password authorization and then dials back preset numbers to ensure appropriate users establish connections

Industrial Quality Design

  • Desktop or 19” 1U Rackmount options included
  • Compact design ideal for branch offices with small IT closets or small off-site locations in need of remote management
  • Rugged Steel Housing
  • Designed and developed in the USA

Advanced Features

  • Remote Flash capability lets you upgrade at remote locations from a central site
  • Use a master configuration file to easily setup duplicate units for multiple deployments.
  • Line-feed pacing† eliminates Cisco command processor overload when streaming CLI commands as a batch file.
  • RS-232 Break signal generation allows Cisco routers to enter ROM Monitor mode
  • Same screen reboot controls for observing all critical boot messages during power cycle.
  • Supports up to 4 appliances directly, expandable with additional units

* Total output current on all ports cannot exceed input rating.
† Features available on firmware version 1.17 and higher. Available for download at


Courier® Console Server & Remote Power Switch Hybrid
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