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Product Announcement: USR® Introduces Gigabit Aggregation TAPs for Quick Troubleshooting now with USB Monitoring

Affordable Visibility for Single or Dual Interface Monitoring Solutions

USR’s USR4524-MINI Portable Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP with USB MonitoringUSR’s USR4524-MINI Portable Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP with USB Monitoring

LONDON, England – May 25, 2021 USR®, a division of UNICOM® Global and leading provider of M2M (Machine-To-Machine) connectivity devices, today announced the new line of Ethernet & Fiber TAPs (Test Access Points) including the USR4524 Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP and USR4524-MINI Portable Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP both with USB monitoring.

Network TAPs are hardware devices typically inserted between highly targeted network devices such as firewalls, routers, or switches without affecting the flow of traffic. The TAP makes a copy of the data flowing through it and sends the packet copies to attached network appliances or tools typically used for monitoring or recording activity. The Portable Gigabit Ethernet TAP is used for on-the-go test monitoring due to its small and compact size, specifically designed for field engineer troubleshooting.

“Monitoring network traffic is crucial for network stability and preventing hackers from accessing sensitive data,” said Richard Murphy EMEA Sales Manager for USR. “By adding USB monitoring TAPs to our TAP family we expand the capabilities of field engineers to easily access data packets at any access point using just a laptop with a SuperSpeed USB port that can also power the TAP, “said Barry Taylor Global Sales Manager for USR.

By adding USB monitoring TAPs to our TAP family we expand the capabilities of field engineers to easily access data packets at any access point using just a laptop

All USR Aggregation TAPs combine two streams of full-duplex network data together into a single output stream allowing single-port tools to monitor full-duplex communications. With two Ethernet output monitoring ports, the USR4523 Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP can create duplicate copies of the combined data that can be sent to multiple tools to monitor the same network traffic. With only the flip of a switch on the back of the TAP it can switch to two additional modes allowing it to regenerate a single flow of data out to three separate tools or function in breakout mode to provide single streams of data. Non-aggregated deployments support applications that require visibility of every packet of each direction of traffic to allow monitoring at full-line rate. The USR4523 is the most versatile TAP in the USR lineup and replaces the previous USR4503 and USR4504 in one device.

The USB Portable Gigabit Ethernet Aggregation TAP provides a full-duplex copy of 1G traffic for a total of 2G from a single link. The USB output form factor easily connects to a laptop running Windows, Linux, or MacOS or USB monitoring device and is powered over USB 3 or through the VersaPower AC Power Supply (available separately). The TAP has a durable steel case but is lightweight and compact with two RJ45 network ports and one USB 3.0 monitoring port making it ideal for troubleshooting 10M/100M/1G access points, routers, IoT devices, ATMs, POS systems at difficult locations.

The MSRP ex Vat for USR4523 and USR4524 is £769,90, the USR4524-MINI is £719,90 and the USR4525 and USR4526 Fiber TAPs are £539,90. The MSRP ex Vat for the optional USR4522-RMK 4-unit Rackmount Kit is £91,90 and USR4520-ACC VersaPower TAP AC Power Supply is £39,90.

All are currently available to order from authorized distributors and reseller partners. All USR network TAPs come with a two-year, limited manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase.

Sales Contacts:
Richard Murphy, USR EMEA Sales Manager
+33 (0)129 387 2316

North America Barry Taylor, USR Global Sales Manager

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