USR8001 Broadband Router

(USR818001, USR848001, 8001)

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Warranty: 2 Year


  • Repair Information
  • Configuring Your 8001 Broadband Router for use with a Broadband Modem.
  • Configuring Your 8001 Broadband Router for use with an analog or ISDN modem.
  • Installing a USB Network Printer
  • List of Ports for Special Applications
  • NAT and VPN
  • Additional Broadband Router 8000 FAQ's
  • Additional Support

    If the support information in this section doesn't help you solve your issue, you can contact a USRobotics Help Desk Technician directly.

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    Manuals and other Documents


  • I can't connect to the Web User Interface.
  • I am no longer able to access the Internet.
  • Some of my Internet-based applications no longer work.
  • My Cable or DSL service is not working, and I need access to the Internet.
  • Troubleshooting Guide (HTML): English, Arabic, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Russian, Turkish

  • Drivers and Firmware

    Firmware Version 1.1

    1. Download this file to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive (Ex: Desktop, My Documents).
    2. To upgrade your USRobotics USR8001 Broadband Router with all operating systems, open an Internet browser and enter the router's IP address. The default IP address of the router is
    3. Enter your Password and click Log In. If you did not create a custom password, just click Log In. By default there is no password.
    4. Click Toolbox in the Administrator's Main Menu.
    5. Click Firmware Upgrade.
    6. Under the "Firmware Filename" section, enter the location of the USR8001_V10.BIN file in the text box, or click the Browse button to search for the file. Click the Upgrade button to begin the upgrade process.
    7. When the upgrade process is complete the router will reboot.
    Note:  Flashing your Broadband Router with anything other than USRobotics approved firmware will void your warranty.
    USR8001-V11.BIN 515 KB 19-07-2006
    v1.1_release.txt 1 KB 16-08-2006

    Firmware Archive

    Original Firmware Version 1.0
    USR8001-V10.BIN 339 KB 03-02-2005

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