USR® Courier® M2M Modemulator™ Expansion Card

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Modemulator Benefits

  • Simplifies the transition from dial-up to cellular
  • Extend the life of legacy M2M communications systems
  • Drop-in replacement for serial dial-up modems
  • Move to cellular M2M with no changes in legacy software or hardware
  • Supports mixed cellular/dial-up networks for slow rollouts or ad hoc replacements
  • Analog and cellular connections are indistinguishable to legacy software
  • The identical procedures for dialing cellular or analog remote network sites provide operational transparency to technicians

Benefits of moving from dial-up to cellular M2M

  • Mitigate the decline of phone service availability
  • Reduce operating costs of communications systems

Benefits of moving from dial-up to cellular Remote Network Out-of-band Management

  • Manage sites where land line service is not available
  • Regain control of remote sites connectivity to eliminate nuisance landline disconnections
  • Generate additional revenue by including connectivity with management services
  • Reduce operating costs of communications systems
  • A private cellular network is inherently secure

Modemulator Applications

The USR3516-EMU and USR3520 equipment is specifically engineered for the easy conversion to cellular of legacy systems that use analog serial modems, POTs lines, and legacy communications software including:

  • Automation
  • ATMs
  • Digital Signage
  • Home Healthcare
  • Point of Sale/Kiosks
  • Remote Management
  • Security Systems
  • Utilities
Mixed network of Peer-to-peer Cellular and Dial-up M2M Solution Peer-to-peer cellular M2M Solution POS M2M Cellular Solution

* Dual radio is not available on USR803510.
† Wireless Master Service, peer-to-peer routing, or device-to-device routing service is required for the peer-to-peer functionality.
‡ Features available on firmware version 1.0.02 and higher. Available for download at


Courier® M2M Modemulator™ Expansion Card
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