USR® Courier® M2M 3G GSM Cellular Gateway (GSM Only)

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Expansion Cards

Modemulator Expansion Card - USR3516-EMU

USR3506-ACC Etherent Accessory Kit
  • Simplified peer-to-peer cellular solution that replaces the dial-up modem with a single piece of hardware
  • For use in legacy systems that continue to rely on dial-up peer-to-peer connections
  • Easily transition serial based applications out in the field to wireless and replace costly landlines
  • Continue to use dial-up connections where needed in a mixed network of both analog and cellular

* Los servicios dependientes de alianzas con MVNO para clientes cualificados pueden requerir suscripción.
† All measurements at 12V DC


Courier® M2M 3G GSM Cellular Gateway (GSM Only)
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