USR® Courier® M2M Modemulator™ Expansion Card

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Easy Conversion of Legacy Dial-up or Leased Line Solutions to the Cellular Network

The new USRobotics® Courier® Modemulator™ Expansion Card when used with the USR M2M Cellular Gateway is a drop-in cellular replacement for legacy analog systems that require peer-to-peer connectivity†. Emulating a dial-up modem allows equipment to seamlessly connect over a cellular network instead of over the PSTN in legacy M2M applications. Existing legacy hardware and software systems remain untouched when used with the Modemulator — providing extended product life and simplified cellular deployments. Compatibility with both the PSTN and packet switched data networks provides network flexibility that allows an open ended transition plan and eliminates the need for a system overhaul — saving both time and money. By providing a 2-in-1 device, analog customers can transition select sites to cellular in the most efficient and cost-effective way while utilizing the network that is right for the situation. USR's Modemulator & Cellular Gateway provides reliable, secure connections for mission critical M2M applications.

M2M Cellular and Dial-up Remote drop-in solution with the USRobotics USR3520 Courier Modemulator and 3G Gateway

Multiple Modes

  • Peer-to-Peer mode provides true drop-in replacement
  • Single ended mode for connecting with traditional TCP Client or Server
  • Bypass mode for serial gateway operation
  • Send commands to the remote Modemulator with remote command mode

Simplified Conversion

  • No need to install middleware or upgrade legacy communications software that expects analog modem & PSTN
  • With an optional serial modem, initiate and answer connections over the PSTN to sites with analog modems
  • Support for a "mixed network" of both analog and cellular devices allows gradual modem replacement
  • Unified interface and protocol for connecting both cellular and analog sites
  • Continue to use the USR M2M Cellular Gateway after transition complete

Modem Emulation

  • Compatible with common Hayes modem AT commands
  • Generates modem result codes including RING, RINGING, CONNECT, NO CARRIER, NO DIALTONE, and BUSY
  • Outbound and inbound calling
  • Supports baud rates from 300 to 115.2k bps
  • Peer-to-peer connections
  • Stores up to 7,200 phone numbers/IP addresses
  • Direct IP dialing
  • Emulate leased line operation‡
  • RS-232 break signal handling‡


  • When installed in the USR M2M Cellular Gateway (USR3510 or USR803510)
    • 3G UMTS or CDMA2000/UMTS *
    • 2G GSM or CDMA/GSM *
    • Configure locally with intuitive embedded GUI
    • Manage remote device's software and configuration with USR Universe - a free cloud application
    • Secured internal SIM slot
    • Persistent connectivity and auto reboot and recovery

Security & Reliability

  • Required private cellular network ensures continued secure connections
  • Login banner and security warning banner
  • Prompted password access
  • Caller ID screening
  • Dialback security‡

Easy Setup

  • Fast implementation and deployment in analog based solutions
  • Easy configuration using familiar AT commands in the CLI

Advanced Features

  • Auto-switchover to an attached dial-up modem for PSTN connections

* Dual radio is not available on USR803510.
† Wireless Master Service, peer-to-peer routing, or device-to-device routing service is required for the peer-to-peer functionality.
‡ Features available on firmware version 1.0.02 and higher. Available for download at


Courier® M2M Modemulator™ Expansion Card
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