Console Server Hybrid diagram
High Level AT Commands, Persistent Connectivity, Great Data Rate Plans, GPS & HSPA+
Secure OOB remote management from a brand you trust
Remotely Manage Network Devices
Simple, Secure Monitoring and Analysis with USR’s new Copper and Fiber Network Taps
Secure Inline 10/100 Copper Tap
Mission Critical Dial-Up Connectivity ideal for Out of Band
Mission Critical Out of Band Solution
Business Modems for every possibility
Low Profile PCI

USRobotics®, a Divison of UNICOM® Global, is synonymous with reliable, easy to use, high-performance dial-up modems for businesses of all sizes. Those key characteristics continue to be infused into USRobotics' expanding line of M2M Cellular Modems, Console Server Hybrids, and business class dialup modems for applications like POS (Point of Sale), remote management, and out-of-band backup connections. And now USRobotics introduces the latest addition to the Courier family - the robust 3G M2M GSM Cellular Gateway for remote monitoring and IoT applications.

Our current product lines include: Cellular M2M , Desktop Console Server Power Hybrid , Network Taps,

Dialup 56K Modems

Courier 56K Business Modem - Rock Solid Business Modems. Mission critical dial-up connectivity ideal for Out of Band.

Dialup 56K Modems

Embedded Business Dial-up Modems - ideal for embedded systems or buying in bulk for mass installations.

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