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You can upgrade to V.92 right now!
Upgrading to the new V.92 standard is easy. These downloads may take some time, so while you are downloading, read about some of the great features of V.92 while the download completes.

Important! Make sure that your Internet Service Provider has the upgraded servers to take advantage of the new V.92 technology.

  1. Print these instructions before performing the upgrade.
  2. Download the ControlCenter installation file (located below) to a temporary location on your hard disk drive.
  3. In order to use the Modem on Hold voice call enhancements, you must also download and install Internet Call Notification (ICN) (located below) to manage your incoming calls. Click here for more information about ICN.
  4. Log off the Internet.
  5. Install ControlCenter. Locate the temporary location where you stored the ControlCenter download and double-click the ControlCenter icon. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  6. When the installation is complete, click Start, Programs, U.S. Robotics, ControlCenter, and click ControlCenter. ControlCenter will start and automatically detect your modem. Select the modem you wish to upgrade.
  7. Click the Instant Update button. Select the modem you wish to upgrade. Click the Connection tab. Select the Dial-Up Networking radio button. Select your Internet connection in the Preferred Connection Name list. Click the Common tab and click Update Now. Follow the on-screen prompts to download the update. A Readme.txt file will appear containing additional upgrade instructions. After the download, ControlCenter automatically applies the V.92 firmware upgrade to your modem. A notification will appear once the update is complete. Click OK.
  8. Upgrade your modem driver. Follow the steps in the Readme.txt file that was displayed during the firmware update. The steps vary by operating system so be sure to follow the steps specific to your operating system.
  9. Install ICN. Locate the temporary location where you stored the ICN download and double-click the ICN icon. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  10. Congratulations! You are now ready to reconnect to the Internet and begin using the new V.92 features.
If you have any questions, click the User's Manual icon in ControlCenter.

*The new V.92 enhancements may not be available immediately with all Internet Service Providers (ISP). Contact your ISP to find out when they will be updating their servers to include V.92 technology. U.S. Robotics modems featuring the new V.92 enhancements are backward-compatible and will negotiate the highest possible speed when connecting to an ISP.

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ControlCenter.exe United Kingdom (7.5 MB) HTTP | FTP
ControlCenter.exe Russia (7.7 MB) HTTP | FTP

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