USR9105 SureConnect ADSL 4-Port Router


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    Manuals and other Documents


    Installation and Firmware

    Warning: Turning off your modem during the upgrade process may cause permanent damage.
    Uwaga: Wylaczenie urzadzenia w trakcie procesu aktualizacji firmware’u moze spowodowac trwale uszkodzenie.
    Official Release - Version 2.5 - Annex A only (ADSL over Analog)
    Note: Upgrade Version 2.5 applies to Annex A users only or, ADSL users that connect their ADSL modem to their standard telephone line.

    Read this before you upgrade your USR9105 SureConnect ADSL 4-Port Router.

    Przeczytaj to przed rozpoczeciem aktualizacji. USR9105 SureConnect ADSL 4-Port Router.

    Wazne: Aktualizacja do tej wersji firmware przywróci urzadzeniu ustawienia domyslne. Nie wylaczaj urzadzenia ani nie odlaczaj od niego zadnych kabli do momentu, gdy proces aktualizacji zostanie zakonczony!

    Note: Upgrades using this release will reset the modem to the factory default settings. Do not turn off the power or disconnect any cables from your modem until the upgrade process is complete. To save and maintain your current settings, such as VPI and VCI variables, you must use the EasyConfigurator 2.39 installation utility. Follow the steps below to upgrade your gateway and save your current settings:

    1. Download and install the EasyConfigurator 2.39 installation utility.
    2. Extract the 9105_USR96345R_Release2.5.bin file located below to a temporary directory such as C:\USR.
    3. Launch the EasyConfigurator software.
    4. Select the Advanced tab.
    5. Click browse and select the upgrade file 9105_USR96345R_Release2.5.bin.
    6. Click upgrade.
    7. EasyConfigurator will restore the ADSL configuration on successful firmware upgrade.
    Release_notes_2.5.txt2 KB19-05-05
    9105_USR96345R_Release2.5.bin1.9 MB21-04-05

    Installation and Firmware Archive

    Version 2.3 - Annex A only
    Release_notes_2.3.txt2 KB11-03-05
    9105_USR96345R_Release2.3.bin1.8 MB25-02-05
    Version 2.1 - Annex A only
    Release_notes_2.1.txt1.49 KB08-06-04
    9105_USR96345R_Release2.1.bin1.83 MB04-06-04
    Initial Firmware Release
    9105_USR96345R_Release1.bin1.63 MB16-01-04

    GPL Source Code

    The GPL Source Code contained in this product is available as a free download from the GPL Code Central

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