xx2884 56K Internal Voice Faxmodem



  • Repair Information
  • V.92 Brief
  • V.92 Q&A
  • V.92 technical paper
  • Windows Dial Up Networking (DUN) error codes
  • Basic troubleshooting skills
  • Modem communication glossary
  • 56K AT command set

  • Additional Support

    If the support information in this section doesn't help you solve your issue, you can contact a USRobotics Help Desk Technician directly.

    Note: This product, 2884, is radically different from 2884A or 2884B. Files for the 2884A/B can be found here: 2884A or 2884B.

    Note: Although it may work in some conditions, this modem is not supported under Windows 98 SE and Millennium, it will not work at all under Windows 2000.

    Note: In order to prevent your browser from trying to open these files, right-click the file and select Save Target As... to download.

    Manuals and other Documents


    Original Windows 3.11, 95, 98, and NT4 installation
    This driver will enable the V.90 56k modulation. Please extract the content of this file onto a floppy disk or a folder with an utility like winzip and then run the file "setup.exe".
    Windows 3.11, 95, 98 2884-unkg-win9x.zip 460 KB 15-11-01
    WinNT4 2884-unkg-nt4.zip 659 KB 17-10-01


    Firmware update
    None available at this stage.


    Analog modem configuration software
    ControlCenterGbr.exe 7.5 MB
    USRobotics Modem Station
    Older modem configuration software
    Umspack.exe 989KB

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