4-Port USB 3.0 Super Speed Hub

USR 4-port USB3 hub

Newstips Bulletin "Not at all to diminish the advantages of USB3, having or adding it can often bring along some practical inconveniences, like starting with just 2 ports that are both on the back side of the PC so we got in a USRobotics 4-port USB3 hub for review. The hub is packaged with a 3 USB3 B cable that lets you bring it within easier reach plus a wall wart for power (5V at 4A so it can handle delivering the full 900mA USB3 spec power to every port). Bottom line: the USRobotics 4-port USB3 hub adds a quartet of fast USB3 ports where you need them."

USB Round-up

Robert J. Elisberg of the huffingtonpost compares USB flash drives and explains why he recommends a USB 3.0 Hub - "...the only extension that's universally recommended is a USB 3.0 hub, which you just plug into one of your available ports... The advantage of these is that they give you additional ports and compatibility you can rely on. The disadvantage is that they'll be more expensive than an extension cord. I used a slightly higher-end one, the USRobotics USB 3.0 Super speed 4-Port USB Hub. Most people could probably get by with a lower-end model, but this provides more power, so it can handle power-hungry peripherals like printers and scanners."

Note: USB 3.0 super speeds are achieved when used with USB 3.0 compatible devices and cables.


4-Port USB 3.0 Super Speed Hub
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