10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator

3:1 SPAN/Tap Port Traffic Aggregation or 1:3 SPAN/Tap Port Traffic Duplication

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10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator
Tap de cobre en línea 10/100/1000 seguro
10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator
10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator
10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator
Aggregation & Regeneration with the USR4503
Tap installed in a Rackmount
Instale hasta 3 taps en el chasis de montaje en bastidor 1U opcional

Full Network Visibility with Expanded Monitoring Solutions

Expand an existing SPAN (Port Mirror) or Tap port monitoring capability with the USR® 10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator and Regenerator. Dual purpose hardware provides the option to share identical copies of data made by Tap or SPAN ports to multiple tools for security, storage or recording purposes — or combine Tap and SPAN port data into one combined stream for complete visibility into network traffic. The 3:1 mode faultlessly combines and processes up to three streams of data into a single data stream allowing a single monitoring tool access to a larger portion of the network. The 1:3 mode replicates up to 3 copies of data, and when used with an Aggregation Tap like the USR4503 can increase visibility to four monitor ports, sending identical copies to separate network tools (analyzer, IDS, probe) for simultaneous monitoring and analyzing. Eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription, and configuration errors with this easy to install and port saving device. Ideal for security applications or anywhere you need dedicated access to your network links for advanced or consolidated monitoring.

Monitoring & Analysis

  • View entire full duplex conversations using single interface monitoring tools
  • Improve visibility into the network - including VLAN tags
  • Decrease reliance on switch resources for network management visibility
  • Eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription, and configuration errors
  • Easily share monitor ports for improved monitoring without maintenance windows
  • Ideal for Intrusion Detection System (IDS) applications

Aggregating Data (3:1 mode)

  • Combine multiple network links or channels from Tap, SPAN, or mirror ports into one stream
  • Monitor network traffic from up to three different sources through a single-interface monitoring tool
  • Visibility into complete network conversations, including full-duplex conversations
  • Provide security or analysis to a larger part of the network by allowing single port device access to traffic from multiple points in the network

Regenerating Data (1:3 mode)

  • Duplicate traffic from a single Tap or SPAN port to up to 3 monitoring tools
  • Access to the same links for system redundancy, testing and advanced monitoring applications
  • Expand access to data across company assets and provide a wider variety of data to each department
  • Improve overall switch performance by removing port mirror degradation while freeing valuable ports


  • No MAC or IP settings on the traffic ports makes the device invisible to the network
  • Unidirectional passive traffic makes it impossible to access or infiltrate connected monitoring and analysis tools
  • Redundant power supply option ensures seamless monitoring even if the main power source is unavailable*

Simple installation

  • Simple Dip switch to choose 1 IN 3 OUT or 3 IN 1 OUT
  • Plug and play (no configuration or management settings after switch is set) means simple and fast installation
  • Deploy tools immediately without impacting production network
  • Auto negotiates settings for 10/100/1000 Mbps network speeds
  • All ports support Power over Ethernet (PoE) for spaces that may have limited power
  • Comes with convenient attached rack mount bracket for use with the optional 1U rack mount kit for solutions of up to 3 devices. Ideal for use with the USR4503 4 Port Aggregation Tap.

* To eliminate power as a single point of failure two power supplies must be used. The second power supply must be connected to a different external power source circuit than the first power supply. Additional power supplies may be sourced using the specifications provided.


10/100/1000 Variable 4 Port Aggregator & Regenerator
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