10/100/1000 Copper Ethernet Tap

con un connettore di network e uno di monitoraggio

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10/100/1000 Copper Tap
Inline Tap di rame sicuro 10/100/1000
Tap di rame 10/100/1000 nel datacenter
Tap di rame 10/100/1000 nel datacenter
10/100/1000 Copper Tap diagram
Controllate il traffico nel vostro network

Full Duplex Gigabit Access for Single Interface Monitoring

The USRobotics 10/100/1000 Copper Aggregation Tap eliminates SPAN port contention, oversubscription, and configuration errors with full duplex monitoring, simple installation, and reliable access to your Gigabit Ethernet segments. This tap faultlessly combines and processes both the TX and RX streams of data into a single data stream allowing any connected monitoring device (analyzer, IDS, probe) to receive a full-duplex stream of data with only one NIC. Improve visibility with two monitor ports sending identical copies to separate network tools for simultaneous monitoring and analyzing. For dual-receive tools, a half-duplex option is available for individual TX and RX streams. Ideal for security applications or anywhere you need non-intrusive dedicated access to your network links for advanced or consolidated monitoring.

Monitoring & Analysis

  • Full duplex monitoring, even with single interface monitoring tools
  • Half duplex monitoring allows two monitoring ports to see full line rate traffic
  • Regeneration to multiple tools provides access to the same links for system redundancy, testing and advanced monitoring applications
  • Improved visibility into the network - including VLAN tags
  • Ideal for Intrusion Detection System (IDS) applications

Aggregating Data

  • Monitor all network traffic from two different sources
  • Improve network troubleshooting by viewing both sides of a full duplex conversation
  • Combine both directions of a full duplex data stream in a single trace file
  • Allows flexibility of monitoring devices, including the option to revert to traditional full duplex dual channel data capture, utilizing single NIC probes for advanced monitoring or hardware reduction

Network Stability

  • Fault-tolerant
  • Ideal for 24x7 permanent access - Deploy tools or utilize tap ports immediately without network traffic interruptions or the need for maintenance windows
  • Eliminate SPAN port contention, oversubscription, and configuration errors
  • Improve overall switch performance by removing port mirror degradation while freeing valuable ports


  • Unidirectional and invisible to other devices on the network making it impossible to access or infiltrate connected monitoring and analysis tools

Simple installation

  • Plug and play means simple and fast deployments
  • Auto negotiates settings for 10/100/1000 Mbps network speeds
  • Single network break for permanent installation
  • Comes with convenient attached rack mount bracket for use with the optional 1U rack mount kit for up to 3 devices.


  • Redundant power supply option ensures seamless monitoring even if the main power source is unavailable*
  • Inline design allows network connectivity in the event of a power failure

* To eliminate power as a single point of failure both power supplies must be used. The second power supply must be connected to a different external power source circuit than the first power supply.


10/100/1000 Copper Ethernet Tap
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