USRobotics Gaming Solutions

For the latest USRobotics online gaming solutions for use with gaming consoles* such as Xbox Live in Deutschland or Playstation 2, refer to the configurations below.

Suggested gaming solutions
Cable DSL

Alternate solutions
Wired DSL router - Shared Internet
Wireless router with AP- Shared Internet
DSL router with wireless APs - Shared Internet
Wired Router - Shared Internet
Modem Direct - NO Shared Internet
USB Modem and ICS- Shared Internet
Direct Telephone - NO Shared Internet/phone

USRobotics Compatible products
The following products can be interchanged in the solution diagrams
Wireless gaming adapter:

Wireless router:
USR808054, USRxx9106, USRxx8022, USRxx8011, USR5462

Wireless access point:
USRxx5450, USRxx2249, USRxx2450

Broadband router:
USRxx8000A, USRxx8000, USRxx8003, USR808200

Wired DSL router:
USRxx9105, USRxx9003 (approved to work with Xbox Live)

Ethernet modem:
USRxx9001, USRxx9002, USRxx8550

* Some game systems require additional accessories and/or services. Refer to your game system manual or the Web for specific gaming requirements or limitations.