USR9111 Wireless ADSL2+ Router

(USR809111 USR019111, 64-809111-00R, 9111)

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Warranty: 2 Year


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    Driver installers and Firmware

    Firmware Version 1.06 (WDS Support)
    1. Download USR9111-V106.bin to a temporary location on your computer's hard disk drive.
    2. To upgrade your USR9111 firmware, open an Internet browser and type the router's IP address into the location or address line and press Enter. The default IP address of the router is
    3. When the password window appears, type your password. Click Login to load the router's setup page.
    4. Click Tools in the main menu.
    5. Click Firmware Upgrade in the Tools sub-menu.
    6. Click the Browse button to locate the file in the temporary location. Click Begin Upgrade to begin the flash process.
    USR9111-V106.bin 1.2 MB 22-06-07


    Original Firmware Version 0.08
    USR9111-V008.bin 1.1 MB 05-05-06

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