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17/12/2003 U.S. Robotics Goes Linux
1/12/2003 UAE wireless market set for massive growth: U.S. Robotics
15/10/2003 It’s here at last: U.S. Robotics’ hottest turbo wireless products hit Mideast
29/9/2003 U.S. Robotics’ Pioneering Wireless Technology debuts at Gitex 2003
3/8/2003 Middle East Operations for U.S. Robotics Tops Growth in Group for First Half of 2003
30/7/2003 U.S. Robotics Applauds UAE-Based Distribution Partners
15/7/2003 U.S. Robotics brings 100Mbps wireless to Middle East
1/7/2003 U.S. Robotics’ 802.11g Wireless Turbo Networking Equipment Delivers The Fastest Throughputs Available
1/7/2003 U.S. Robotics Offers Symantec Personal Firewall,Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) And 802.1x Give Best Security Yet
23/4/2003 U.S. Robotics 22 Mbps Wireless Networking Devices Now Deliver Up To 54 Mbps Performance
15/4/2003 U.S. Robotics Gets The Peoples Vote
14/4/2003 U.S. Robotics Accelerates WLAN To Deliver Fastest, Most Effective Solutions
13/4/2003 U.S. Robotics Weaves the Wireless Way
2/4/2003 Saudi SMBs One Step Closer To State Of The Art Broadband
13/3/2003 U.S. Robotics Holds Top Spot For Desktop Modem Retail Sales
6/3/2003 U.S. Robotics To Introduce 22 Mbps Wireless Connectivity In The Middle East
17/2/2003 STC Approval Brings Affordable Broadband to Saudi Users
2/2/2003 U.S. Robotics Thanks Partners For Another Outstanding Year
12/1/2003 ‘Go for Gold’ with U.S. Robotics’
6/1/2003 ADSL Now Off The Shelves Across the UAE