USRobotics Product Videos

USRobotics now offers youtube vidoes specifically focused on products and technologies that may be more complex than the usual products offered. Subscribe to the USR youtube channel to be notified of new vidoes.

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Cellular Gateway
Excessive Data Warning for USR Cellular Gateway USR803510

Easy solutions to prevent unintended excessive cellular data usage while configuring a USR3510/USR803510 USR Courier® M2M Cellular Gateway.

Length: 13:50 minutes

Cellular Gateway
USR803510 SIM Card Installation

How to install a SIM Card in the USR3510/USR803510 Cellular Gateway.

Length: 1:32 minutes

Modemulator Expansion Card
USRobotics Modemulator Expansion Card Installation

How to install a USRobotics Modemulator Expansion Card (USR3516-EMU) into the USR3510/USR803510 Courier® M2M Cellular Gateway and upgrade the firmware to make the unit a USR3520/USR803520 Modemulator.

Length: 6:27 minutes

Cellular Gateway
USR803510 USR Universe Provisioning

Introduction to the USR Universe Provisioning Server for USR Cellular Gateway USR3510 . What is the USR Universe? Why use it or why not to?

Length: 6:36 minutes

Network Taps
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Network Tap
USRobotics Copper and Fiber TAPs Overview

TAPS are a critical part of highest performing networks today. Gain visibility to make your network efficient, secure and compliant. Learn more at

Length: 1:20 minutes

Console Server and Power Switch Hybrids
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Console Server and Power Switch Hybrid
USRobotics Courier Console Server & Power Switch Hybrid Overview and Demo

An overview and demo of the USRobotics Courier Console Server & Power Switch Hybrid. This video shows a closeup of the product's 4 console ports, 2 power ports, and a demonstration of the command line interface as a user connects to and reboots a connected router. For more information visit

USB 3.0
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USB 3.0 PCIe
USRobotics USB 3.0 PCIe Installation

This video is provides a step by step walk through of how to install the USR8402 USRobotics USB 3.0 PCIe Adapter in a desktop computer. Length: 3:00 minutes